To increase understanding of user behaviour, strengthen customer engagement, optimize asset management and improve workforce efficiency, everyware has the perfect solution for every industry.

Everyware is a hardware-software integrated platform that brings together IoT, mobility and big data to enable you with marketing, inventory and control solutions.


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who we are

Everyware is as an innovative startup founded in 2015 by a team of professionals experienced in the fields of mobile and proximity-based technologies.

About Team

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who we are looking for

backend developer

Milano, Lombardy, Italy

We are looking for a developer to be included within the research and development department for back-end development and front-end (full-stack).

Hard skills required:

  • good knowledge of NodeJS / Express / AngularJS / SailsJS
  • good knowledge of PostgreSQL / MySQL
  • good knowledge of HTML5 / CSS (and at least one frontend framework)
  • previous experience in building web portals




Kind of employment

full time


Job functions


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Contact Us IV Novembre, 4 20124 - Milano

Via Lavoratori - Vittime del Col du Mont

11100 - Aosta

+39 334 1217155

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Detect customer positions - Push instant notifications - Analyze interactions

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Track assets - Launch automatic inventories - Accelerate information distribution

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Track and analyze people presence - Guide patients - Support emergencies

venues & events

Understand customer habits - Push targeted messages - Guide visitors

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transports & stations

Detect people flows - Push contextualized information

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